"mydearruby" on writes:

"I received my deck today and was struck in awe! I have always tried to avoid "what is your favorite deck" sort of question, but this one certainly pushes me close to a settled answer as of now. This is the kind of deck that can only be created by someone with not only visual sensibility, but also a literary and philosophical mind. The keywords are well thought-over and evocative: "zeitgeist" for 0"evolution" for VI, "the only certainty" for XIII, "the new deal" for XX, among many others.  Another great thing I noticed is how each suit contains an implicitly recurrent visual theme, though not in a mechanic manner: tiger for fire, heart for water, owl for air (nothing more appropriate for the swords if we think about Hegel's famous metaphor for philosophy and reflexivity), and "earth" for earth. Love the way that the tiger and earth occasionally break through the frame of the image! So far my favorite cards are the moon (the clock and time-management as the new hallucination of our time--genius sense of irony, as in six of fire), four of fire (hardly have I encountered any four of wands that can grasp the exhaustion behind completion), five of air (oh dear, only a writer knows how it feels), two of earth (the lunar eclipse raises the juggling trick to a new magnitude), and a whole lot others (mayer of air, four of water, evolution, eight of earth)...I still need some time to absorb them... but this is beyond just brainy, it is at once powerful and contemplative--consider how often powerful images would fall short of subtlety.  I have a feeling that this is not an intuitive deck for everyone. But those who appreciate it would definitely appreciate it deeply. What a tour de force..."

"dascaroo" on Etsy, writes: 

"I've been looking forward to this deck ever since I saw one of the majors, and I knew I had to own this one. Some of the cards have novel names, yet this is not a novelty deck. Actually, I never connected with a Tarot deck as quickly as with this one, and reading the cards or just looking at them has been a pure delight. The cards are sturdy and being able to choose the back is wonderful! ...  [The deck] is a wonder." FIVE STAR REVIEW.

The wonderful Carrie Paris ( writes:

"What I love most about Tinker’s, and you have given your fans many reasons to love your latest, is that anyone can divine with it. The stunning images and all of the thoughtful details you’ve added, offer any reader a jump in point. ... This would make such a great beginners deck and at the same time advanced readers will totally appreciate the nod to Thoth and other esoteric symbols. Thank you for bringing this to my table. I am deeply in love and it’s more than likely that I will retire my other decks. Yes, Tinker’s Damn is that good."


Froggyshoes" on Etsy writes:

"I received my Scorned Oracle deck & I absolutely love it. I really like that it has 2 extra cards ; one which tells the story behind the deck. The legend. Which is AWESOME for when I tell people about it - I can always have that with me. The second card being the equivalent to a LWB. Each card has a word to help with the meaning since the deck itself ( the cards ) has no English words on it. This is my second deck from this shop & I couldn't be happier. Just waiting on one more deck & I'm sure it's going to be awesome !!! :) Thank you !!! -- FIVE STAR REVIEW.


Beth from Etsy writes,

"The cards are beautiful. I love the linen card stock. It makes shuffling the cards easier on the hand. I have several decks but this one will definitely be my favorite." FIVE STAR REVIEW