A "Forgotten Oracle" in two versions
designed to "re-introduce" this neglected Divination System!

"Created in the early 1800s by now-forgotten cartomancer KATRIN LAINE KALLASTE," this is a unique oracle system similar to, but different from the Lenormand. 

Now available in two styles: a reproduction of the cartomancer's own hand-made deck, in the original Estonian, and a modern version, in English, created with charming photographs and Mme. Kallaste’s notes translated into English-language keywords.

48 Poker-Sized Cards, plus 4 extra cards in each deck
Get them separately or or get them together and save 10%

The Reproduction Deck

Choose from three alternate card backs @ no extra charge!
Left: LEGACY back    •    Center: REPRODUCTION back    •    Right: LEGACY-REPRO Combination back


The Modern Interpretation Deck

-- Mme. Loviise's Scorned Oraakel --
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