NEW! SALON Art Cards

Introducing Salon Art Cards: now you can bring
the magic of Tarot into every part of your life.

Salon Art Cards feature some of my most popular tarot card designs on jumbo-sized (3.5" x 5.75") cards with manifold applications. They are regulation USPS postcard-sized, yet they still fit into a regular business-sized mailing envelope, so you can send them either way.  Use them as Post Cards, Invitations, Note Cards — or as the most impressive calling cards any of your contacts has ever seen.

Cards are printed on 310 gsm linen playing card stock from France,
packaged and shipped in a white windowed tuck box.
• "The Seer" from Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi • "Zeitgeist" from Tinker's Damn Tarot
• "Fortification" from The Arthur Rackham Oracle • "Strength" from The Arthur Rackham Oracle
• "Heron Messenger" from Mme. Loviise's Scorned Oraakel.
• Zircus 4-design pack featuring "Strength," "The Seer," "Art," and "The Whole Show"
 from Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi.

Choose from any one of our standard backs (currently 7) or get
completely customized backs any way you want them for a nominal extra charge. 

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Conventional notecards seem less expensive at a glance; but you typically only get 12 - 24 cards in a box and may need to buy two or three boxes to meet your needs. At $39.99 for a 54-card box, you’re actually saving money over notecard packs that charge $18 or more for fewer cards.

Post Card Backs are available individually or by the box.
A 54-card box sells for  approximately half the price of normal postcards.
Bought singly, they are $1 each, where regular postcards are frequently $1.45 or more.