Tinker's Damn MANTEGNA

Please Note: This page features the original version,
released 2017 and still available as a single deck.

The supplement to our revolutionary TINKER'S DAMN TAROT begins with the ancient MANTEGNA system,
then adds a pantheon of additional elements, including Zodiac, Moon Phase and Totem Animal cards. 

Available in three options: "Pure" Mantegna, Supplement Pack and Full 76-card deck.

Section "E" - The Human Conditions

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Section "D" The Muses and Apollo

Section "C" The Arts and Sciences

Section "B" The Geniuses and Virtues

Section "A" The Planets and Celestial Spheres


Section "F" The Zodiacal Cards

Section "G" The Alchemical Elements

Section "H" Phases of The Moon

Section "I" Totem Animals: Mythical Creatures

"Extra" Cards
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