Tinker's Damn MANTEGNA

Dark, Beautiful and Eerily Emblematic of the Early 20th Century...

Conceived as a supplement to our revolutionary TINKER'S DAMN TAROT, this striking new tool for Self-Improvement and Divination uses the ancient MANTEGNA system as a starting point, but will include a whole range of additional cards in the manner of the popular new ZIRKUS MIDWAY ARCANA, including alternate Lovers cards, significators and a full set of Zodiacal and Element cards. 

It will be available first as a straightforward 50-card "Medieval Cosmology" deck,
followed later in the year by the full 80-card supplement.

Section "E" - The Human Conditions

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Section "D" The Muses and Apollo

Section "C" The Arts and Sciences

Section "B" The Geniuses and Virtues

Section "A" The Planets and Celestial Spheres


Section "F" The Zodiacal Cards
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