Two Helpings of Wit and Wisdom
... thoughtful and whimsical decks merging popular and little-known quotations with fine design.

NEW! Now Available as a standard 52-card poker deck!

Do you ever get stuck in a conversation, and not know what to say?
Fear not!
Just pull out your "Wise Sayings!"

Two decks, available separately or in one convenient double-set.
Here are some samples from the second deck in the series. You may click to enlarge.
Thirty-four cards to make you think and make you smile.
Use them as a conversation starter, as a daily draw to start your morning,
to provide counterpoint or illumination to any reading, any deck,
or as a means of annoying people on public transportation.
The applications are limited only by your imagination!

Matching bag available!

Sample Cards from the First Deck:

We won't show you all the designs here ... we want there to be some surprises!

WISE SAYINGS: A Deck Wisdom & Wit © and ™ Duck Soup Productions 2017