Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Twining Card, A Twisted Card

First, the "twining" card...
Next, the "twisted" card:

So many Lenormand decks are doggedly literal. Too literal for my taste. On the dog card, a picture of a dog. On the ring card, a picture of a ring. On the mountains card, a picture of a mountain. 

It's frankly boring to me. Lenormand readers may prefer the simple approach, but as a designer I'm constantly looking for ways to do things differently, if for no other reason than to keep myself from dying of boredom. I think that's evident throughout Tinker's Damn Lenormand, but nowhere is it more evident than on this card -- which is considerably toned down from my first idea.

Because my first thought was to find a piece of '50s pin-up art with the model fully reclined, so to speak, and to plaster her Figurative Mountains all over the card! ("Figurative!" -- I do love a double entendre that actually works both ways!)

I knew that idea wasn't going to fly with a lot of potential customers. So I compromised and gave the literalists their mountain range -- meanwhile applying my '50s pin-up girl onto the side of a caravan. The result is just a little bit wicked... the kind of wicked I like best.

Well... I didn't make it up. Any Monty Python fans out there are likely to remember Michael Palin's narration over footage of a certain mountain range: "The Grrrrrand Tetons! The Mountains with the biggest _____ in the world!"

-- Frede.