Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lillies in the Moonlight

I have decided to make TINKER'S DAMN LENORMAND available in two versions: the first being a regular 36-card Lenormand for them what want a plain ol' Lenny with no frills, and the second being a deluxe version with between 10-14 additional cards, including alternate Gentleman, Lady and Child cards plus a few more surprises. Both decks will have alternate backs you can choose from at no extra charge (with more specialized customization features available for an extra fee).

So, I really wanted to get this project completed this weekend, but with all that extra work I just decided to add on, it looks like that's not going to happen....
Although the window it is sitting in is not real, the cow-jumping-over-the-moon is a real hand-made toy that I inherited from my mother. I wish I knew the artist's name so that I could credit them.