Saturday, September 5, 2015

Additional Cards in Progress

Although I'm not far along in making them, and have been spinning my wheels a lot this week, I can at least tell you what all of the additional/alternate cards in the expanded deck are going to be. 

I know that some of you don't want additional cards: that's why the deck will be available in a Standard version. Beyond that -- the production costs are the same if I do a 37-card deck or a 54-card deck. So I might as well do a 54-card deck that allows the people who do want extra cards to get their money's worth. 

Either way, whether you don't want extra cards or whether you do, don't come crying to me that this deck doesn't meet your needs. Because what is it I won't give? That's right: I won't give a Tinker's Damn.

#0: (Pictured above) INVENTION
There will also be a BLANK card, a DOUBLE-BACKED card, and a PROMO card.

TWO alternates for "The Lady" -- The Sorceress and The Librarian.
TWO alternates for "The Gentleman" -- The Tinker and The Apothecary.
TWO alternates for "The Child" -- The Prodigy and L'infant Terrible.
ONE alternate for "The Dog" -- Cat.

Finally, there will be a LEGEND card. Those of you who buy Newman's Own products know that each one carries a "Legend" on the package: a cute and amusing story behind the product. I can't promise that the story behind Tinker's Damn Lenormand will be cute or amusing, but I can promise that it will come with a story.

And that's all for today, Fellow Travelers!

-- Frede.