Sunday, December 20, 2015

TINKER'S DAMN TAROT Jumbo-Sized Majors Deck is Here --- and it's Spectacular!

A Working Occult Deck from an Eccentric Edwardian Mystic!

Jumbo-Sized MAJOR ARCANA Available Now - Limited Time


Little remembered today, AUGUSTUS FREIDERICH NORWOOD (b. July 16, 1897) was a scientist, inventor and occult researcher whose ground-breaking efforts to find the connection between hard science and the supernatural were dismissed by his contemporaries. As a dabbler in every aspect of the unknown, he created several tarot and oracle decks; TINKER'S DAMN TAROT is a faithful reproduction of his unique take on Tarot. When in 1934 he was jilted by his then-fiancee Liana Quigley (pictured as the Mayoress of Air in this deck), Norwood retreated even further from society and began to focus his efforts on bridging the gap between the worlds of the living and the dead. His final invention, the Immortalis Telegraphica, is said to have been a complete success, though it was destroyed in a fire shortly after its creation. On the night of September 24, 1936, Augustus Norwood walked out of his workshop and was never seen again.

The Deck will be available in both Standard and Large-sized Editions,
with your choice of several backs @ no extra charge.

Jumbo-Sized MAJOR ARCANA Available Now - Limited Time

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